Monday, September 28, 2009

Summer's Good News

Meet Pandora

Her super power? Invisibility.

Can you see her yet?

How about now?

Now disguised as a mild-mannered house cat.

Are you fooled?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

ooooh, I'm first. I was totally fooled. She's also disguised as a bee-U-tiful mild mannered house cat.

Tooj said...

I love kitties hiding out. :) My dad's neighbor's cat just had kitties, and they've found it best to hang at my dad's house. He's sooooo not pleased (he says) but still manages to leave cat food out for them. I'm stopping over from Heather at the EO.Happy Tuesday.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Hee hee! I mailed your thingy yesterday. Along with the other thingy. Yay!

Doggle said...

LOL you have such a cute cat.

vernie said...

I simply love cats and so does my one and only son. Matter of fact, I bought the book "Warriors" because its a series about cats which wasn't tackle before. A new material worth reading. But my cat Nawnaw is such a snob, not affectionate but she stayed on and would not go far.

Jami said...

This spring we picked up a lovely little black kitty as well. The girls have progressed to not hissing at each other all the time. We've fallen in love with Abby the New, but Pandora has a permanent home with us. We're just praying they come to a peaceful compromise.

Thanks for dropping by. TTFN. Jami