Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Since Last I Posted

Ten days, come and gone.
A cat lost, a cat found.
A beautiful funeral for an amazing woman.
The first day that any of my children have ever attended a plain old normal public school.
(And the second.)
The first day of homeschool co-op.
The E-teen's first driving lesson (which oddly enough included no driving).
Our first two days on a comparatively firm schedule.
Four migraines.
Some gastric distress.
Hundreds of hives that come and go.
It's been grand.


e-teen said...

I. Still. Can't. Find. That. Stupid. Permit. ERG!

I'm so happy we found Edward. :3

Nancy Face said...


Things will get much better soon...right? :)

Papa D said...

Ouch! Hang in there sounds cliched and trite, but it's the best advice I can give.

Jami said...

It's not horrible. Just itchy. And I've sort of plowed through my supply of Imitrex. The funeral was beautiful. The kids are loving school. Finding the cat was a miracle. The co-op is amazing. It all seems busy, busy, busy. And emotionally intense.