Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sorry, Kids.

Jami can't come out to play right now. She's got some homework she needs to get done. Enjoy yourselves and she'll come out again when she's all caught up.


Annette Lyon said...

Come back soon!

Papa D said...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant!


Homework......housework.....schoolwork.....actual getting-paid-for work

Too much work!!!


My older kids are rebelling. They want traditional books this year instead of computer based curriculum. That means more work (and more money) for me. Sad.

Jami said...

OK, Annette, I'm back.

Thanks, Ray.

Elastic, what restraint! I would have certainly added a naughty word to the "too much work" phrase.

Try the used market for the curriculum. We just got our General Science book for $20 and it sells for $80. It's worth looking around.