Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Seasonal Re-post

This is my second post, from way back in May. Only my family read it, and they only read it because I nagged them incessantly. So what was odd in May is downright appropriate in December. Enjoy.

"So Mom is there a Santa Claus?" asked my vibrant six year old this morning. It's a pretty standard question around here-in December. (I've got no idea what brings it up in May.)

I give my standard response. "No, honey. He's a nice pretend person."

[I now pause to defend my Santa-killing position. Every Christmas I teach my children that Christmas is about the baby Jesus being born to be the Savior of mankind. If I teach them that Santa is real, at some point I'd have to admit the truth.
"Sorry Sweetheart, I was lying (in the nicest possible way). Santa is a wonderful pretend person. But not Jesus. He's not a wonderful pretend person. Well, he's wonderful, but not pretend. I wasn't lying about Jesus. He's real. Sure you've seen Santa and he was a fake and you haven't seen Jesus, but I testify to you that he's real. Really, really real."
I didn't want to go there. So back to my standard answer.]

"No, honey. He's a nice pretend person."

"MOM! Don't say that. He is too. He's real. And he gives you one less present every time you say that!" V. informed me.

"Hm...I have noticed the take getting smaller every year. Maybe there's something to that, V."


Annette Lyon said...

I'm in the no-lying camp too--I never want my kids to be able to say, "You lied to me." On the other hand, I just side-step the question--change the subject or say, "What do YOU think?" It's worked so far. :) And the older two have figured it out w/out any big "talk." Phew.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm absolutely in love with Santa--I think he prepared me to believe that a person I have never met and who lives far away could love me enough to die for me. That being said, I have OFTEN worried that my kids would say that very thing "How do I know Jesus is real when you lied about santa?" Now that my daughter is 13, I recently asked her about that. She said it never crossed her mind because she knows Christ is real regardless of what I might have said or not said about santa--but I could have just gotten lucky with her. It's too late, though, to change tack. I'll let you know how the youngest turns out (as we know, it just doesn't matter with the oldest--he has his ticket to heaven).

Jami said...

I've had some Santa-believers among the young'uns. I don't burst their bubble. I do think Santa is fun, but I felt so betrayed when I realized that there had been this HUGE nation-wide conspiracy to deceive me that I decided to avoid the issue unless directly asked. I also make it very clear to my monkeys that they should NOT tell their friends about Santa for their parents would be quite miffed at us all.

Jami said...

Oh and I lie to my kids all the time. Just not about Santa. That's why my mom has nominated me for Bad Mom of the Year for 16 years in a row.

(Kidding. She's very supportive.)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee hee hee. I love this post. It's so nice that you're back. Sorta. I mean sorta back, not sorta nice.

I'm with Heidi. I'm in love with Santa. And I believe.

Jo said...

I always tell my older kids if they say Santa isn't real to the younger kids, "he" won't leave them any Santa gifts and they will only get presents from mom and dad. Thank goodness they are all older now, and won't ruin Santa for the younger set.

The Motherboard said...

I believe in Santa.

He lives in the generosity of others.

Jami said...

I'll bury this in my comments so I get to say it, but few read it.

Aside from the nation-wide conspiracy, the thing I have against Santa is that he plays favorites. He likes rich kids best. Some of the nastiest kids I knew got the biggest load of gifts from the old guy. It hurt until I understood that Santa was Mom then I understood that my family's income was what decided present quantity and quality. It wasn't really a naughty or nice issue. Or an affection issue.

I skip a little magic to keep the Christmas waters clear, but bet ya dollars to donuts that my kids are over-the-top Santa fans when they have their own kids. Life is just like that.