Monday, July 6, 2009

Edward and Westley

In January, Westley disappeared. We searched the shelters, the streets, and accosted every white cat in town. We listed ads on Craig's List and in the newspaper. It was heart-rending. The lack of closure, the not knowing, was as painful as the loss of our sweety. Edward, his litter-mate, went into a funk. We cried. But about three months after he left, we accepted his loss. Even Edward accepted it.

Still we longed for closure. Be careful what you long for. We got our closure on June 13th.

After a joyous day of kitty frolicking, Mr. Edward suddenly lost the use of his back legs. He dragged himself home in the dead of night, and our nice neighbor came to tell us he was injured. A quick trip to the vet and one euthanasia later, we knew. Both of our kittens had a heart defect which resulted in deadly blood clots.

It sucked.

But for two baby boys who were found in a field, they had a great life. Their rescuers bottle-fed them, adored them and snuggled them. When we adopted them they gained seven new adoring fans. They had snuggles, warm beds, great food. They had each other. They had such joi de vivre that passersby would stop and watch them. Their sweet lives brightened our pathway awhile.

Adieu, my kitty boys.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, I don't even like cats, but this made me sad!

I'm sorry about your kitties!

mindyluwho said...

*sniff* sorry!

The Motherboard said...

I'm sorry to hear about your kitty's. They are cute! And, that's saying something, because I hate cats.

Wendy said...

Wait a minute...."seven new adoring fans"?! Who in the family was not adoring? A cat-hater in your midst?
Seriously, a lovely post even though you know I don't like cats.

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Jo said...

I am so sorry. The loss of a beloved pet is hard. I really feel bad for your kids!