Friday, July 18, 2008

Three Miscellaneous Thoughts in No Particular Order

1. I hate my pop-up blocker, but if I don't use it my computer begins chanting dirty limericks at me while chorus lines of leprechauns high kick their way across my screen. Very scary. But it is also very scary that I am developing unsightly muscular bulges in the fingers on my left hand, from having to press Ctrl & Alt to override the stupid pop-up blocker every time I want to make a comment or click a link. So here's a little plea...for the sake of my poor children who have to appear in public with me and my weirdly muscled Pointer and Tall Man, please make it so I can just click on your links and have my browser just magically go there. Pretty please.

2. I brought home two little kitty brothers tonight, because I'm a softy. I'm banking on my husband being a softy too. Not about the kitties (no chance of that), but about the kiddies, begging to keep the kitties. Perhaps I'm being a teensy bit over-optimistic. I hope not.

3. I've made part of my decision about the homeschooling issue. V-Girl and L-Boy will most likely be going to school. My middle school kids, N-Girl and J-Teen, will be homeschooled. E-Teen remains in limbo. Four out of five decisions ain't bad. Especially for indecisive me.

Hey, I promised miscellaneous and I delivered. Impressive, aren't I?


Papa D said...

Do you use Explorer or Firefox? Firefox has worked wonders for me to eliminate the pop-up problem.

Jami said...

Explorer. We're switching computers soon. I'll have to try Firefox on the new one.

[I must admit the leprechaun incident was a fictional representation of the annoying weird stuff that is the unedited internet's gift to mankind.]

Jen Hill said...

I hate my pop-up blocker too, it really spooks me. I bounce between both Firefox and Explorer.

Best wishes with the kitties, the school plans for your kids, and for finding a fabulous mascara. You are a busy woman! ;) Jen


I've been thinking about sending my youngest to Kindergarten this year. The only drawback is that it's full-day Kinder and not the half-day like when my older kids went.

And then I'd feel sad to have one of my kids left out of the bunch when we go places or do things on a school day.


I'm more a cat person than a dog person. (dogs are way too much work)

I lost. We have a dog. My husband also hates cats, sadly.

Jami said...

Jen-Mascara's bottom of the list. But it IS on the list. Under the heading of QUEST.

Elastic-Oh I love dogs, but they are much more work. My husband doesn't like *them* either. He's willing to have a 100% outdoors dog, but I want Buster to be able to come in. Besides we don't have a fence so Buster would have to be tied up. Officially no fun.

So far, so good on the kittens. He hasn't taken them on a road trip into the country.

They are really as perfect as any earthly thing can be. I hope we get to keep them.

My first graders pretty excited about going to school. I dread it, but I will survive. And she will thrive, God willing.

Jami said...

Correction: first grader's.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the strawberry link. Our kids are almost matching ages! If you have questions about the homeschooling, feel free to ask.

J-teen said...

Mom, we are NOT switching computers soon, 'cause we've had that thing for three dang months and it's still in the box. Yeah. Did you or did you not say that we were going to unpack it when we got the house clean? That means *never!* *never!* *never!*

Jami said...

No sense unpacking it until we have Word and Symantec.

And where will we put it if the house isn't clean, hm? It is looking better. I'm not expecting perfection, moderately clean will work.

Think of it as motivation, my son.

Jami said...

Do you have a nickname? So many opportunities to misspell something.

Do your kids want pen pals? Mine are always wanting to use up my stamps sending notes to friends.