Sunday, July 27, 2008

V & W are right next to each other.

V & Westley


Jami said...

I love this photo. Two littles all worn out, taking a nap together.

When I showed V-girl the post. She sighed happily, "I love my skin color!" Pinky beige wasn't really cutting it for her.

She's been wanting to be brown like a few of her best friends for a few years now. Sorry, kid. Ancestors from the British Isles, Germany, and Norway mean pale, pale, and pale. She must have gotten a tanning gene from somewhere though, because she tanned like that through 60 SPF.

LA said...

Why has her hair gotten so dark? Why are all the kids so old now? Why does my baby scream bloody murder each time I touch the computer? There he goes.... Congrats on getting to keep the kittens!

Jami said...

They're old because I gave birth to them a long time ago.

Her hair turned dark because she has parents with dark hair.

The baby screams because he fully believes that you should be interacting with him and only him every waking moment. Mine too.

I'm glad I get to keep the kitties too.

Nat~Nat said...

I love this sweet pic of such a bright eyed child. It's always fun to get that rare glimpse of such a vivacious child in "rest mode". Moments like this make me so happy to be Mommy.

Jami said...

Me too, Nat-Nat. Normally, I just soak it in and then forget about it. I'm glad I took the picture this time so I can remember. Kids and kittens are little for such a short time.