Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And on a lighter note...

The Hippopotamus

Behold the hippopotamus!
We laugh at how he looks to us,
And yet in moments dank and grim,
I wonder how we look to him.
Peace, peace, thou hippopotamus!
We really look all right to us,
As you no doubt delight the eye
Of other hippopotami.

Ogden Nash

[My older kids and I used to recite this to the hippo at our zoo every time we visited. Great fun! Sadly, our hippo moved away and the younger children have not had similar opportunities.]



This reminds me of a funny Flight Of The Conchords song.


Jami said...

OK then. Liked the tea party. Just a teensie bit bewildered by the rest. Mainly because I am not cool. (Sorry about that.)

E-teen said...

I miss that hippopotamus. :(