Thursday, October 30, 2008


(Not in a Prop 8 defying kind of way. Gee. One-track-mind-political-junkies!)

Even when I run into her and don't know it's her, I love her. So for those of you who missed the big unveiling, I present the following secret:


And no, I didn't know:
  1. that Cordy was fictional.
  2. that Sue was writing it.
  3. that people could get SO flipped out about a blog.

I was just sad that it was over. But it's not! She's going to back up and finish the story the way she intended. Wahoo!

Some advice for those who feel betrayed and angry—try a bubble bath and some chocolate. You'll feel better.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Yay for Sue and Cordy! And her fans! Hey, I just noticed something--you get all the literary types following you--Melanie J., Sue, Crash Test Dummy, Thora (me). I guess I am just not, um, er, smart? enough for them.

Jami said...

Oh yeah, Ms.Published Author? Who on that list is published? Why, you! (OK and Annette)

Author, love thyself!

Thora said...

Wait, are you talking about me as literary? Wow, I feel really complimented. Unless you meant a different Thora. Then just forget I was ever falsely happy that someone called me literary. Because I like to pretend I'm smart, but the truth is that the number of diapers I've changed is exponentially and inversely related to my IQ. And topics of conversation.

(I feel bad that I said kind of a middling comment on Sue's blog, and then shortly after she ended all comments. Sue, if you're reading this, because I know you read Jami's blog, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come across as attacking Cordy and her single mindedness. I really enjoyed reading the blog. The End.)

Jami said...

Oh course, she meant you, Thora. Are there any other Thoras in my followers? (That's a fun phrase. I should use it more.)

My followers. My followers. My followers.

Anyway, I've lost an average of 15 IQ points per child. I thank the inventor of spell-check (and his creator) everyday. I'd be lost without him (Him too).

Annie Valentine said...

Thank you. What is the big deal here? It's been the greatest ride of 2008 for sure, how could we not love Sue EVEN MORE now?

Jo said...

I know! I was so surprised. Wow.

Sue said...

Awwwww Jami, thank you. I was taking a break from a thorough inventory of my hate mail, and saw your post, which made me cry, because I'm SUCH A SAP. (big surprise) Thanks for the moral support, you're awesome.

I love that Heidi called me literary. hee hee

Thora - I wasn't offended by the comment, it was just something I'd seen a number of people say and I wanted to address it.But your comment didn't make me feel bad. It was a very valid point.

Melanie J said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm totally literary. Um, just don't go double checking that assertion against my Goodreads page.

Sue totally rocks. I busted her on it over the weekend and I think it's great that you're giving her a positive shout out considering how stressed this is making her.

You're nice, Jami! I love you. But not Prop 8-ish, either.


I read MSHR precisely once and didn't care for it. I've never been a fan of mushy romanticism. Not in movies, or real life, or in what I read.

I wish i wasn't jealous that Sue launched not one but two big time blogs.

The Motherboard said...

I think Sue rocks too... but have to agree with Elasticbandlady... I don't want chick flicks or read chick lit... I guess I should hand over my chick card.