Friday, October 3, 2008

A Month Late, but Still Gorgeous!


The garden is in mourning:
the rain falls cool among the flowers.
Summer shivers quietly
on its way toward its end.

Golden leaf after leaf
falls from the tall acacia.
Summer smiles, astonished, feeble,
in this dying dream of a garden.

For a long while, yet, in the roses
she will linger on, yearning for peace,
and slowly
close her weary eyes.

-Hermann Hesse
[Translated from German]


Der Garten trauert,
kühl sinkt in die Blumen der Regen.
Der Sommer schauert
still seinem Ende entgegen.

Golden tropft Blatt um Blatt nieder
vom hohen Akazienbaum.
Sommer lächelt erstaunt und matt
in den sterbenden Gartentraum.

Lange noch bei den Rosen
bleibt er stehn, sehnt sich nach Ruh,
langsam tut er
die müdgeword'nen Augen zu.

-Hermann Hess


6k9s said...

Very nice, and appropriate to the first day of rain. Kisses.

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Hi Jami. And you are lovely too. I love all your lovely comments on my blog.

Wish I could send you a check for $1,000. ha ha

Thanks for sharing about your dad. I can so relate! I'm glad I've found you. Or you found me, whichever way it went.

Glad we're friends.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. Are those pictures from your garden? I could wish for greenery where I live.

Jami said...

The autumnal nature of the day did indeed inspire me, Mom. Keep your wheats warm. Love you.

CTD, I am thrilled to have found you as well. I love your blog. It's thoughtful and funny. You have got to tell me where you found your family photographer. All your portraits are so slimming!

M.M. Sadly my yard is a dead thing. Except for the pepper and zucchini plants which are happy and immense. I wandered around google images until I found rose hips and a rose acacia. Not exactly what I was looking for, but at some point I needed to give up and go scrub the toilets.

Alison Wonderland said...

It is gorgeous. I need something pretty like that in my yard.

Jami said...

Me too, Alison.

6k9s said...

Jami. Try tea tree. They are surviving with NO extra care or water, and give those pretty bushes and nice pink flowers. And then there is the oil... Are you going to rat out your rose eating kitties?

Jami said...

Wot you talkin' 'bout, Mama? Rats or cats?