Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Bug-Eat-Bug World Out There, Princess. . .

ya best toughen up.


Caution, gentle readers. I may swear.

OK, here's the deal—when you get all the answers right we like you and smile at you, friendship and affection galore. BUT—now get this straight—if you mix up your #%$& "cot" with your @^$$%* "hop" you get this:

Bad first grader, BAD! No smiles for you! No affection or approval. YOU LOSE. But that's OK. I'll like you again—if you do it right next time.

She couldn't have put 7/9 or -2 or no redo?


Melanie J said...

Uh, harsh!

*MARY* said...

Oh my, that's a bit extreme.

Becky Lewis said...

Send Dad to speak to the teacher they listen better to them then to an "over protective" mother. I have 13 children, and this is still a true fact. It's sad, I know but try it before you think I'm off my rocker. I always send Dad when I need a teacher to hear what I need to say.

Sue said...

Oh Brother. I say you write a note to the teacher.

Dear teacher,

Your communications skills leave something to be desired. (INSERT HUGE FROWNY FACE HERE.)

Do ya get what I'm saying?


An actual grown-up who doesn't try to manipulate school children with inappropriate guilt.

Jo said...

Wow, that is really overboard. I remember a little girl in our homeschooling group that had a serious emotional reaction to red pen marks. Her mom pulled her out of school for stuff just like what you mention.

Jami said...

Thanks for the support everyone. I've calmed down a bit.

I went over to the school as soon as she showed me her homework and sat my rear outside their staff meeting and waited. The principal came out, asked for whom I was waiting, said that Mrs. P would be busy for a while, then asked if he could help me.

Why yes! Yes, he could. I showed him the paper and voiced my concerns. He said he'd talk to her and that she'd call me to talk about it. (We'll see how that goes.)

I just lost the rest of this comment. I'll have to recreate it later. It's bedtime. :)

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Oooooooooh I would be TICKED!!! That is way too harsh. I hope you have a stern talk with her ;)

Annette Lyon said...

I like what Sue said. Sheesh. Idiot teacher.

Jami said...

Melanie and Mary: Yeah, extremely harsh.

Becky: My sweet husband doesn't do confrontation with strangers. He's the man I send if I want someone who cannot be swayed or influenced. Like to a high pressure sales pitch.

Ah Sue, a fine letter. I may yet use it.

Jo, the public school thing is painful for me. I want her homeschooled as her older siblings are. I think that makes me uber-sensitive to her teacher's insensitivity.

Emily Anne, I am still waiting for the promised contrite phone call from the teacher. I may need to go in to get her attention, but this needs to NEVER happen again.

Annette: Sue says almost everything well, doesn't she? And sheesh indeed!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I like Sue's idea best. Sorry, I'm a fan of Sue and all things Sue but I am also a fan of Jami and all things Jami and I say, go out and rock that teachers world! My husband is an elementary school teacher--he would never dream of doing that! Yikes!

6k9s said...

Holy projection's not a death threat, its a sad face. No one but you indicated that the kid was unloved unliked or evil. Just that an error made the face sad. Lighten up and quit looking for ways to prove your thesis that everyone outside your house is wicked and looking to crush the ones you love! If you don't make a big deal out of it, neither will they. (and yes, -2 would have been more neutral, but not consistent with the smiley face given for getting them all right). Believe me, your first grader can handle it. She's seen worse.

Jami said...

Most teachers wouldn't, Heidi.

Mom, two words: Mr. Marshall.

Strawberry Girl said...

stupid teacher.

6k9s said...

I have deleted my real comment.
new, official comment: okay.
(this takes discipline.)

Jami said...

"Don't read this, Mom" could be interpreted to mean you might want to skip this post. :(

I love you. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Um, whomever thought the sad face was an okay thing to do, no disrespect, but I know plenty of kids whose entire school experience was ruined by just one "bad" teacher. True, most kids wlill survive it but you never know which are the ones who won't. It's not worth the risk. A teacher's job is to encourage, not make someone feel bad about oneself. Sorry, but this sad face thing really got to me.

Debbie said...

HOly COW!!! That's HORRRRRRIBLE! I don't know if you caught that but I just said HORRRRIBLE exactly like Hamlet's dead dad's ghost in the Mel Gibson version.


Hey, you got a comment from Sue, the navel gazer? The finest navel gazer in the land?

That girl is totally snubbing me!

Jami said...

Debbie, I don't think that girl knows you are you. Whatcha doing posting under yer ril name?

Papa D said...

As a former teacher:


I'm not a fan of corporeal punishment in schools - for students. This teacher, however, should experience a good, Catholic school nun's knuckle slapping ruler.


My first grader has been in public school for exactly one week and I've already gotten a note to set up a meeting with the teacher.

I told her that he's still struggling with reading and reads reaaalllllyyyy slow and she assured me that it would be just fine.

Flash forward one week and she's giving him instructions to write a story and then punishes him when he draws a picture instead because he CAN'T write a story.

And then I wonder how it is that the other first graders are capable of writing stories but my son can't. And then I think it may be because I failed big time as a homeschool mom.

Insert Big Frowny Face Here


I agree with Becky's comment. I'm trying to convince Papi to handle the conference because I know that I'll get all over sensitive about her criticism of my son.

Andrea said...

Oh wow I cried in laughter. Not at the child but the teacher. A frowny face? Aren't those meant for poison or evil-doings?

Torement to a mother's soul. The drama that ensues. My husband would handle it waaay better than I.

I am sure it all is swept under the rug by now. Had to put my 2 cents in!

Smiley's for everyone: :0) :-)