Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Daily Dose of Irony

I think you may be beginning to understand why I did not want to talk about this. It's like abortion: once I get in the debate, I cannot stop. Here's the latest installment in the disgusting saga of Prop 8.

My sister (who is a rather outspoken person--you might have noticed) just spent a half an hour chewing me out about my stance on Prop 8. Turns out that on her late night walks she's been putting "H"s on people's Yes on 8 lawn signs. "Yes on 8" is hate. H-8. Get it? Everyone who supports 8 is filled with hate. The five Mormons who go the High School where she teaches are silent about it because they would get their @$$ kicked for being so hateful if they made their views known. All attempts to point out that NONE of the people I know who support Prop 8 are hateful fell on deaf ears. To me, most Pro 8 people mostly just seem worried and fearful, not hateful. Most of the Anti 8 folks I know are pretty mellow. Yet there are a few vocal hate-mongers on both sides. "If you don't think as I do, you are hate-filled." rhetoric is almost as appealing as the "If you don't believe as I do, you are going to burn in hell." rhetoric.

Tuesday cannot come soon enough.


Papa D said...

This nailed my feelings very well.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I think there are a whole lot more supporters of prop 8 then are willing to say so--for this very reason. I can't wait for the polls to prove my theory (or leave egg on my face if I am wrong). So sorry you got chewed out! When I was a kid (raised in a pioneer LDS family), one of my sisters asked me (I was 4) if, when I started school, would I admit I was Mormon. I said, Of course! "Would you admit it if they were taking the Mormon kids outside and shooting them?" Aside from the fact that this was clearly abusive (tho she didn't mean to be) it helped me to separate myself from the tares (or the mice) very quickly. I went through many years wondering at what point I would have to die for my beliefs. There was a while there when I thought I might not make it to my ripe old age. Meanwhile, as scary as this thing has been, at least I'm still here. (So far. We go to stake conference up at the Oakland Temple interstake conference tomorrow. Maybe the rain will keep the protestors away.)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I hate hate. And I love rhetoric.

I also love irony.

The number 8 was never my favorite number though. Probably because if you put a letter H in front of it is spells H8.

Love listening to you voice your issues though! You go, fly girl!

Melanie J said...

I will be so, so glad when this election is DONE!

It's exhausting.

Alison Wonderland said...

Amen to that. Can it just be over already?