Friday, November 28, 2008


1. My dad can talk again. YAY! Still no diagnosis. So my guess? He's been drinking like a fish for fifty years now and it's beginning to catch up with him, the beginning of the prophesied end described by his doctors, his [ex-]wives and his children for years. It's sad. Free agency + Consequences + My dad = Not pretty.

2. This blasted dial-up from H-E-Double-toothpicks! It's worse than no Internet at all. I read a post and try to comment. The connection is gone. Read an urgent email, hit reply. Helllooooo? Gone. Rest assured that I do read your posts even if all of my wise comments disappear into the void before you get read them.

3.Quote of the week: So now that your Internet is gone, do you find yourself reconnecting with your children?

4. Answer of the week: No, but I finally figured out how to play Minesweeper.

5. This Thanksgiving, I thank God for the drop in gas prices. Whew! What a blessing!


Papa D said...

"No, but I finally figured out how to play Minesweeper."

Thanks for the laugh.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I've missed you! I'm so sorry about your dad. And your internet. Minesweeper, huh? I'm dubious about the value of that as a tradeoff but maybe that's because I've never played.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about dial-up. But glad to hear you made good use of the extra time.

(But I hate Minesweeper, because no matter how much skill you develop, bad luck can still ruin you.)

Oh and I loved your teen's list of books. Sounds like reading material my brother would have around (in fact I'm pretty sure at least some of my family members know all about Schodinger's cat.)

Heather of the EO said...

I LOVE minesweeper.

I'm so sorry about your dad. But what you said about it is oh so true. Free will can sometimes be a bit too free.

Peace to you.