Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh CRUD! or Just slice me in half, would you?

Not again! Another marriage = a man + a woman political campaign supported by the church. Here's a copy of the letter to be read in Sacrament Meeting (our main worship service) on the last Sunday of June 2008.

There cannot be an issue on which I am more conflicted. I know and love many gay people. If my friends ask me if I believe that homosexual sex is against God's will, I have to say that I do, but I also believe that God loves all of his children regardless of their sexual behavior. I like the recent comments by the church on same-gender attraction.

On the one hand, I feel very unhappy actively opposing the choices of my friends. On the other hand, I feel very unhappy actively opposing the commandments of my God and the request of his prophet. Arg!

Then I have the "stop the decay of the English language" response. I believe that people should all have the same legal rights, but why mess with "marriage" as a word? So many perfectly wonderful words have already been corrupted. "Lovers" can't be used to refer to a chaste couple who are wooing. Do we talk about a woman being the "mistress" of her home? "Gay" has already been hijacked to the point where it can't be used to mean happy and bright. What next? Will people's names be commandeered by popular culture to refer to private things? Oh wait, never mind: a gal named Fanny? a guy named Dick?

Live and let live? Follow the prophet? Save the English language? Dagnabit! I hate this sort of nonsense!

OK, I've made my decision. I'm playing dumb. (Issue? What issue? Huh?) After this post, I am not talking about it and you can't make me.


Sue said...

I have issues with it too. That's all I'm gonna say, because I'm not capable of talking about it rationally. I can relate.

Jami said...

Issue with what? Did I miss something?

Samantha said...

It's a tough issue, for sure, and it breaches the separation of church and state boundaries, as well.

I'm a member of the Church (active) who experiences SSA, but who is also in a heterosexual marriage (I know--lots of weird conflicts in just one sentence). I completely understand the yearnings of people like me to be married to a person toward whom they feel attraction.

I also understand the right of every child to be raised in a home with parents of both genders (even though more than half the children raised today do not have access to both parents on a daily basis because of divorce). And I believe the statements made in the Proclamation on the family to be true.

I also believe that same-sex marriage will become legal, despite efforts by churches to stop it. So perhaps the only sane tactic in this particular dilemma is the one you've taken.

I will say that I won't be doing anything to support either side. It causes to much conflict. I have enough of that already.

Thanks for your post.

Jen Hill said...

I knew I liked you the moment I read this post.

I recently read a very compelling editorial called, "Gay Marriage is Good for America," written by Jonathan Rauch. The link to the article is:


Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

I vacilate daily on this topic. I think I've reached a consensus with myself though that I'm all for civil unions and gay rights just not full out gay marriage. I have reasons, but you know, that would take a while to type it all out and I'm lazy.

Papa D said...

Well said, Jami. Well said.


PS. I just added your blog to my individual favorites. I should have looked you up sooner, since we parents of six need to support each other.

Jami said...

Samantha-Thanks for your kind response. It was hard to pin my responses down to that wishy-washy avoidance. I can't even imagine how complicated it would be to be in your situation. God bless you.

Jen-I hope you keep the personal side to your blog. Lipstick and sunblock are fun, but I like hearing about you too.


Ray-Thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed your blog for a long time, though I rarely comment.