Monday, June 23, 2008

SOCKS! for barefoot me

A long time ago, I signed up for a socks exchange. A crazy socks exchange. A soxy sox exchange. A sock exchange hosted by the one, the only, Elastic Waistband Lady!

Women who know...know that I don't wear socks. Pretty much ever. So what possessed me to swap socks? I guess I just don't get out enough, 'cause it just sounded fun! Shopping for crazy, weird socks for a total stranger. Getting crazy, weird socks from different total stranger.

I do have a sock-loving bunch of daughters, so I hid my membership in the girls-without-socks club and signed up. Then I went a-huntin' & found the weirdest socks in town at the Dollar Store and Big Lots. I shipped my bizarre finds out to Elastic, my sock buddy. Meanwhile, my other sock buddy, Glittersmama, searched the world over, travelling to the tropics to search for my socks, and then, like Dorothy, she discovered that there's no place like home for finding cool socks to go with ruby slippers.

without further ado,
I share the pictures
that I'm sure you scrolled down to look at
without reading my long-winded commentary:

Charming rainbow socks.

Black socks with white and pink stripes!

The stars and stripes go girly socks!

I also scored a nice card, some yummy lip balm and two pretty notepads.

Thank you for the goodies, Glittersmama!

Thank you for hosting, Elastic!



Am I really the one and only Elasticwaistbandlady?!!!? You mean I'm the last chick still wearing the comfort and stretch of a nice elasticy pair of pants.....

I'm going to go cry in a corner now because I can't fit my fat flap into a pair of skinny jeans like all the other girls.


I loved you before but when you said Dollar Store and Big Lots my heart doth swelleth with more amor for another blogger than I thought humanly possible!


I don't wear socks that often either! We have HOT HOT and HOTTER temps in Houston most of the year. That's why my cardigans, sweaters, and socks from when I was a teenager still look like new and I've now passed them on to my girls.


Your girls could be professional sock models!!!

Jami said...

Now Elastic, you know that's not what I meant. I MEANT that there is no one out there like you...IN A GOOD WAY. You combine ew and hahaha in a way that no one else does! Your food storage plan? Only you. Your revenge on the customer from hell? Hilarious. You make me laugh. And you are a wild amazing birthin' woman too! (Feel better?)

6k9s said...

I can't say I like the ronald mcd feet, but do appreciate the other socks. Also, I am jazzed by your new color scheme. a rare medium well done.