Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yep that's right folks! I am officially forty-one TODAY!
We partied yesterday because the 17th is
wacky Wednesday which looks like this:
6 am Seminary Kids out the door
(J says this doesn't count since he and E ride bikes and that I'm just using them to garner sympathy. True enough.)
7 am School Kids up
7:45 School kids to school
8:00-9:30 Last minute prep for teaching later on
9:45 Homeschool kids to co-op classes
1:00 Teach General Science at co-op
3:00 Pick up big kids from building class
(4:15 Yay! No activity days today.)
4:30 Cub Scouts (Yay! I'm not the assistant den leader anymore! Sorry Jen. Still love you!])
6:30 Brownie Girl Scouts
7:00 Mutual (church youth activity) for E & J
7:30 Pick up V from brownies
8:30 Pick up kids from mutual
10:00 The Man leaves for work
(I'll squeeze in meals, baby care, survival housework and emergencies in between.)
(A visit from the Truth Fairy: I am writing this on Saturday and scheduling it to post on the 17th, because I know that I will have no time at all to write on Wednesday. I will have time to check my email and stat-counter for little signs that you all love me. You know, like COMMENTS or gift cards or something.)
Anyway! Happy Birthday (forty-one years of mortal probation down and no more than fifty left to go) to me!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday!!! The day sounds rather less birthday-y and alot more like WORK! Hope you can sneak in some chocolate there...

Jami said...

Jo, chocolate is on the list. Several times. Sh! Don't tell.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Jami! I'm tired just from reading your list... Is every day like Wednesdays?

Jami said...

Just Wednesdays. Thursdays, I huddle in a corner with a continuous IV drip of dark chocolate. The rest of the week is pretty normal.

Thora said...

Hi, I'm back to commenting instead of just reading again since my life has settled down to something approaching normal (well, not the normal that's your life, based on this post).

Happy Birthday!

*MARY* said...

Wow, a part of me envies you. I wish I had more on my to do list than blog and boil ramen noodles.

*MARY* said...

oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Alison Wonderland said...

Happy birthday! And good luck!

Papa D said...

Crap, you'll never be as old as I am - at least in this life!

Hippo Birdie, two Ewes.

Jami said...

Thanks guys for all the good wishes.

Glad your life is back to normal Thora.

Mary, yum! Nutritionally void ramen. One of my favs!

Alison, weren't you supposed to warn me about the dangers of IV chocolate? Don't you take the hippopotamus oath? Or that just doctors?

Ray, I am in awe! Someone is older than I.

Jen Hill said...

Happy 41st Jami!

Yes, chocolate and often. :)


Happy Birthday!

Seriously, that's the best I could come up with.


There's some extra exclamation marks in lieu of a proper gift.