Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Bunny Says

Three hundred sixty-seven and nine-tenths cents per gallon looks good!
(Through rose colored glasses.)


Thora said...

I'm sad for you; out here where the senators and congressmen have to buy their gas, it went down to $3.29. I think it's a conspiracy to make them think that all is ok with the country, when it's really not. Because it's always cheaper than anywhere else I go.

Jami said...

I like to look at all of the gas posts at once. The pattern is fascinating. I wish I'd been able to fit an "August 1st" post in but August was BUSY!

Rose-colored glasses get a bum rap. I like it when things look rosier than they actually are.

e-teen said...

Actually, the sky and pavement in the picture do look rather rosy.

Jami said...

Yes, hence my subtitle. My camera's operator messed up in some inexplicable way. (That'd be me.) Outside shots have been pink lately. What's up with that?