Friday, September 19, 2008

Sadly, The Cats are Unable to Join Us in Celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day

What do ya do with a drunken kitty? What do ya do with a drunken kitty? What do you do with a drunken kitty earl-i in the mornin'?
Throw him in the brig and fix him! Throw him in the brig and fix him! Throw him in the brig and fix him earl-i in the mornin'!

The Dread Pirate Westley an' his best matey Edward

We wanted t' go sailin' wi' th' other kitties.
Oh t' sail th' high seas wi' th' Black Fur Ball when she sails today!
But, arr, th' fat wench had our balls cut off last high tide'!
Fixin' she calls 't. We'll fix th' lass!

Fixin'! Arr! That's how 't all started! Firstly, th' tom parts then a leg an' arm.
Ye canna trust the lasses! Or swabbies! Arr!
Ye ugly lousy excuse fer swashbucklers! I be goin' wi' lots o' body parts missin'.
We could break ye ou' o' th' brig, if'n ya wern't lazy, lily-livered cowards!
Ya scallywags who ortin' t' be keel hauled!


Heidi Ashworth said...

First off, Happy Belated Birthday! Secondly, this kitty thing is the work of genius.

Jami said...

*blushes* Thank ye, lass!

Jo said...

I think perhaps they might not have joined us even before their nether regions were pillaged.

Jami said...

Arrg, Jo. Be ye sayin' me cats be yeller bellies? They be fine fightin' kitties when they be feelin' well!

Nat~Nat said...

So, I'm not even going to begin to try talking like a pirate. You have such a crazy sense of humor, and I totally get it.

I hope your whole tribe enjoys this holiday as much as you. Are you having rum and slop for dinner tonight???

Jami said...

Nay, Lass, we be eatin' hardtack and water. Mayhap a bit'a tuna salad.

Melanie J said...

I don't be a fan of the kitties, but I'll take me the pirate one! By force! Cuz I''m a pirate. Get it?

Jen Hill said...

So sorry t' hear th' cats be loaded t' th' gunwhales. Nay shipmate parties fer them!

And happy Pirates Day to all of ye!

6k9s said...

Arrgh. The blasted gnomes ate me last comment.
Yvil the Bachbeard says a true pirate NEVER blushes.
Shiver me timbers the lads are cute as cutthroats. Losin the tom parts leaves a suitably terrifying pirate type scar I hope. Ne're be goin with the peg leg thing tho, or ye be haulin yer keel and plankin yer walk....

Jami said...

Oh no! Type like a pirate day is over. My keyboard has reverted to standard English (more or less).

Thou Shalt Not Steal my kitty, Melanie. Not even a pirate one. They are sunbeams in our lives and we would cry if they left us.

Jen, the kitties are a lot less stoned today, but still lazing around like they don't feel well.

Mom, tell yvil that I am not a true pirate: I just play one on the 19th.

I do think I will skip the peg leg on either of my two kitties. I'm wimpy on non-pirate days.

e-teen said...

Mooomm, you messed up the pirate song. Now the rhythm's all wrong. *twitches*