Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Toblerone Chocolate Bars Need Homes

First, a reminder about the Toblerone Giveaway. Enter to win chocolate by correctly guessing the name of this politically neutral country which I attempted to use as a joking symbol of my staying out of Californian politics this year. Of course, I've recently declared my definitive stance as a flip-flopper, but I'm still giving away the amazingly yummy Swiss chocolate bar. I know it's hard, but go ahead, take a guess. You know you want to win this exquisite chocolate crafted in Switzerland.

I shall be holding a drawing from all the correct answers on November 4th as the polls close here in California.

Second, Alison (whose blog is well worth a read) voiced a fondness for limericks, SO in her honor I announce the
Win a Toblerone Limerick Contest!
Yes, that's right! A second Toblerone will be awarded to the writer of the best limerick!

(Just to give you courage, I'll go first.)

There once was a blogger named Jami
whose contest was silly and lame-y!
November 4th it ended
because it felt splendid
to be done with smeary, dumb blame-y.

P.S. Keep it clean.
PPS. Enough with the eye-rolling. Lame-y, Blame-y and Jami DO TOO ryhme.


Annette Lyon said...

Totally awesome limerick. I'll have to give some thought before I take a crack at one.

I already entered the contest before. That counts, right? I can always declare the country again for a second entry. :D

Shellie said...


6k9s said...

There once a mom who was grand,
She dragged both her girls cross the land
They whined and they cried,
They complained and they sighed,
And then said OH There's Donny Osmond!

And once again, Switzerland.

6k9s said...

There once was a blogger of note,
Who created content not rote.
Had thoughts worth perusing
Posted pics, links and musings
And then gave us chocolate and quotes.

And yet again, Switzerland.

Jami said...

Annette, I look forward to your poem. Yes, you are still in for the drawing. No stuffing the ballot box though. One entry per household, void where prohibited, purchase will not increase your chances of winning, ya-da, ya-da.

Jami said...

Shellie, how'd ya guess? You are so in. Wanna do a limerick entry too? Potentially twice the chocolate!

Jami said...

Oh, Mom. That's so embarrassing. Sure I loved D.O. long ago, but I was a mere child a tween at most. However them's some mighty fine limericks. Tough competition for the rest of us. But we must try, after all chocolate is at stake.

On the neutral country chocolate giveaway, one entry per household. Unless you've got a roommate and then I guess she could enter too.

In fact, you could mention to the roommate that I need limericks, lots and lots of limericks.

Melanie J said...

There once was a cute mommy blogger
With a stroller, Snugli, and jogger
Who let them all rust
Or at least collect dust
She got blog addicted, so let's flog her!

Alison Wonderland said...

The land in the picture is Swiss.
Like the chocolate you drink form the miss.
I'd love me some candy,
And if you have some handy.
If not a Tobler then maybe a kiss.

(Give me a break no one can rhyme Switzerland.)

Alison Wonderland said...

Oh and

I thank you so much for the link.
A limerick. now just let me think.
I'll write you a good one.
I think first a "food" run.
The pressure may drive me to drink.

Jami said...

Ah Alison, those are nice. I see a lot of potential chocolate there.

I need to work on another. Not that my last didn't ryhme. 'Cuz it did!

Shellie said...

There was once a lady named Shellie
and she is sick of her nokia Cellie
but since she has no money
and No $aid her honey
She needs the chocolate for her belly!

Annette Lyon said...

There once was a blog named Superfluous
Which readers then followed with faithfulness.
She offered some chocolate
Then counted her ballot
And awarded said good stuff to the lioness.

(That's me . . . Lyon/lioness . . . it works, right?)



Andrew "Not So Nice" Dice said...

There once was a girl from Nantucket.....


Andrew, the lady said to keep it nice!!!!

Jami said...

There once was a girl from Nantucket
who said, "I've got ice in this bucket
so start being nice
or your rumproast I'll ice.
Trust me--I really will chuck it!"

Nat~Nat said...

Switzerland. And I think that I deserve a Toblerone for all of the limerick hints that I have endured for the past week!

Wendy said...

Switzerland! That's one entry and I promise to consider a limerick entry...perhaps while squashed in an airline seat,on my way to MN next week.(I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks! Yay!)

yvilsister said...

There once was a sheik named Abdul,
Who took a leap into a pool.
His body guards found him,
With sand all around him,
Because he jumped into a mirage.

Oldie but original goodie.